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Mig-Quids And Mig Coupons

Adding another line of product to their roster, Mig Cigs has also released a “premium” line of e-liquids that goes by the name “Mig-Quids” and was promoted to contain all-natural organic/kosher ingredients. This is a delight since their standard line of juices was not at all impressive and could be compared to generic-type of juices that you can get at a local gas station. Mig Cigs are well known for producing quality vaporizers like the dab pen vaporizer.

According to Mig Cigs CEO Dray Moorman, the company has teamed up with a company outside California that works very hard alongside with them to develop these premium-tasting juices. He quotes, “This latest endeavor will not only catch us up, but put us ahead in the liquid curve.”

Dray Moorman also mentioned that this line of juice was supposed to take the place of their Dekang juices but because of the consumers’ impressive response to it, they decided to just offer both lines instead.

The amount and quality of liquids was amazing and is considerably a major step from their original juices. The liquids are offered in 50/50 VG/PG Ratio and Nicotine levels and are available in (mg/ml) such as; 0, 6, 12, 18, and 24mg values. The juices cost $16.95 and are prepared prior to purchasing.  You can also check mig coupons to save more.

The juice will be available in these good tasting and notable flavor notes:

  • Baked Vanilla Custard – this flavor has a custard-like smell that is reminiscent of traditional vanilla extract.
  • Berry Smash – this flavor is a mixture of different berries but you can hint blueberries and raspberries as the more dominant flavors.
  • Rolling Stoned – this flavor has a strong sweet smell that will remind you of Honey and Caramel.
  • Strawberries and Cream – this flavor gives you that popular milkshake flavor that is loved by everyone.
  • Tiger Tears – this flavor will give you a mix of Blueberry, Pomegranate and Cherry.

Introduction To Mig E-cig and Mig Cigs Coupon

Another one bites the dust and joins the booming e-cigarette industry. Mig Cigs, a new brand joining the market, boasts that their 4.2 battery volt can give you "high powered hits everytime".
Being a beginner didn't hinder them from giving you variety. At this point, they already have eight different kits to choose from! For the meantime though, let’s take a look at their STANDARD and MIG 21 Kits.

The Standard Kit is priced for $59.95 which is a sale price coming from $69.95. The kit consists of:

·       2 Mig Cigs Standard Size Batteries (4.2 volts, your choice of white or black)
·       10 pack of Mig Cigs Cartridges
·       1 USB Charger
·       1 A/C Wall Adapter
·       User Manual
·       Warranty

One of the cartridges included in this kit is the Blueberry Flavored cartridge which is rarely offered by the other e-cig brands out there.

The Mig 21 Kit has refillable tank style e-cigarettes and also sells for $59.95 which is a large mark down from its regular price of $86.95. In the kit, you get:

·       2  140mm Batteries
·       2 Clear Fusion 1.3 ml tanks
·       1 Wall Adapter
·       1 USB Charger with cable
·       1 Mig Cigs Ego style carry case
This kit is very easy to use with its easy to refill tank. The carrying case is a nice addition to the kit too. You can also check out Mig Cigs Coupon online to save more.
Both kits have impressive battery power and can be compared to the industry leaders out there and would be worth every penny.